To the one that taught me to be brave, to stand up for myself and not to take any bullshit from fake people…2 years ago today, we lost the Towers. I miss you bro. Let me push forward to represent who you were, and make you proud. Please wherever you are TODAY play Peter Tosh on full blast, smoke a blunt and take a moment to celebrate the life of this original Rude Boy. β€πŸ’šπŸ’› #RestinPeace #RIP #MingDog #PeterTosh #SoulRebel

I get paid the culture grow, you stand where the vultures go. Dead in be minute when you move too slow, shinin’ my shoes with your jiggaboo show. #chu #battle #music @djsarasa @__XXLII__ XXX$$$ ft. Masia One—>

Post apocalypse I sold my heart for some magic beans. Down a rabbit hole it seems, the possibility of dreams. No trumpet sound no lions roar, all imagination stored. The hope for things that don’t exist, disappointed by Love dismissed. The tantrum that I wish to throw, has led me down some darkened roads. I cannot hurt myself again- confuse a moment with a friend. Quiet down my restless soul, and drain it empty, no control. And in that silence, tender care. Only I and I be there. #Jah #Rastafari Thursday #Meditations #rumi

Holler dolla $ #Facebook diet is over time to reconnect my spine to the Matrix and my mind to my worldwide digital family. FOLLOW, I send internet gifts and share art through cyber propaganda ❀ #instagram #twitter #website #socialnetwork #followme #online πŸ“· photo. @s_h_a_k_a makeup. @joelangeldotcom styling. @brocksblog produced by. @swejamproductions

"Who dares, wins." β€πŸ’šπŸ’›Here’s to the dreamers, the creative purists, the passionate ones that ventured from their homes to discover authenticity, who humbled themselves to be students first then teachers, who know there is a right proper way to run #Rockers music til it rumbles in your soul. @dubskankinHifi #Singapore #Reggae #Soundsystem β€πŸ’šπŸ’› Pre show shenanigans #ChineyMoney #DJ #Rumshot /// πŸ‘‰August 9 @artistrycafesg #BASSREBELS feat @Conkarah from #Kingston #Jamaica & #MCKaztetD #cambodia #france #singjay - if you build it vibes will come.


african gangsters and their hyenas and baboons

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